IRS Problem Resolution

We understand that receiving an IRS tax notice in the mail that says you owe thousands of dollars can be scary. Not to mention the cryptic wording that just basically says “pay us in 30 days or we’ll pursue taking money out of your paycheck”. Here’s where we come in: we are also IRS Enrolled Agents who are authorized by the IRS to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the IRS. This means that we are able to handle the situation for you and negotiate on your behalf the best outcome available to you. Here’s a snapshot of what you get:

  1. Provide immediate relief to put all collection actions “On-Hold”
  2. Efficiently and effectively analyze every aspect of your issue
  3. Review prior year tax returns to identify any tax savings that may have been missed
  4. Work with the IRS and/or state tax agency to initiate the best outcome for you
  5. Prepare and submit any prior year unfiled tax returns where required
  6. Setup an installment agreement where required
  7. Create a personalized tax success plan so you can maintain compliance and have “healthy” taxes going forward


We’ll take care of making sure everybody on your team gets paid. We’ll oversee the filing of payroll taxes, employee benefits, and provide direct access to HR experts if needed. Here’s how we can help.

Employee Payroll & Tax ProcessingYou get more of your time back because payroll processing is no longer an issue
Direct Deposits or ChecksQuick and convenient access to funds for your employees
Live Payroll Reporting Insights and key data whenever you need it
W-2’s, 1099’s, & Annual FormsPeace of mind knowing payroll compliance is automatically handled. You won’t need to worry about filing deadlines anymore
Electronic Payroll Portal AccessYou can login to access payroll data and employees can login to their own portal and find their own data
Seamless New Hire SetupAdding new employees is no longer stressful
Wage Garnishment & Child Support Management (if needed)Peace of mind knowing that if any employee requires wages garnished that it will be handled accurately
Workmans Comp Management & ReportingYou’ll be protected from expensive penalties because workers comp will be handled correctly and according to the law
HR Assistant (if needed)Assistance available to you to avoid human resources issues
$49/month + $10/month per employee (setup fees may apply)

Tax Withholding Analysis

Know where you stand with your taxes. Avoid paying the government too much or too little money when that money can be used instead on the things you love. If you get a large refund or tax bill year-after-year – this is for you.

Detailed income documentation reviewWe look over all income source documentation to ensure no stone is left unturned
Estimated Quarterly Payment PlanConfidence knowing that you’ll avoid IRS tax underpayment/late penalties and will have no surprises at tax time (if self-employed, a business owner, or multi-source income earners)
End of year tax liability projectionAvoid more surprises because you’ll KNOW your upcoming estimated tax liability so you can be prepared if you’re projected to receive a large refund or tax bill
Future tax liability projectionPeace of mind knowing that our #1 priority is to ensure you pay the least amount of money in taxes possible
Tax Withholding Analysis PlanA tailored and detailed plan that provides and explains our withholding adjustment recommendations including observations for saving additional money through credits and deductions
$99 (single); $199 (MFJ)

Business Incubator

We just don’t file the business setup paperwork and send you on your way. You also get tax, accounting, and business advisory information and recommendations specific to the nature of your business.

Entity Structure AdvisementConfidence knowing that the business structure advised makes the most sense for your specific situation and from a tax and liability standpoint
Entity Setup (Corp or LLC) with S-Corp election, if neededSaving money, time, and stress by having my setup the right way from the beginning. No need to worry if cumbersome paperwork is filed correctly.
IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN) Setup  Time-saver by leaving it up to us to navigate the IRS EIN application process
Business permit or license advisory (state and local)If there are any state or local requirements that were unknown, we will inform you and guide you through the process
Accounting Software Recommendation & SetupA quicker path to profits and growth by having the right accounting setup from day 1 so transactions are tracked and controlled as soon as revenue is generated
$500 + IRS, state, and local processing fees